Meet Relume, the bootstrapped AI web builder that wants to supercharge Figma and Webflow

Relume, a bootstrapped AI web builder, is making waves in the web design industry. Despite the abundance of venture capital available for startups in the AI field, Relume has chosen to rely on bootstrapping since its launch in November 2021. The company provides over a thousand customizable components for web design giants Webflow and Figma, allowing users to easily build and customize websites. Recently, Relume incorporated generative AI into its platform, enabling users to input a text prompt and quickly sketch out a sitemap. With a growing user base of 54,000 and a retention rate of around 90%, Relume aims to empower web designers rather than replace them. By building on top of established design systems and offering compatibility with popular web-building tools, Relume sets itself apart from its competitors.

Meet Relume, the bootstrapped AI web builder that wants to supercharge Figma and Webflow

Background of Relume

Relume, a web design platform, was launched in November 2021 and has relied on bootstrapping since its inception. Instead of seeking venture capital, the founders of Relume chose to focus on building a product that they can get paid for. This decision has allowed them to prioritize creating a better product without external pressures. Initially, Relume started as a component library for web design giants Webflow and Figma, providing over a thousand customizable blocks that can be easily reused across websites.

Integration of AI in Relume

Recognizing the potential of AI in enhancing its features, Relume incorporated generative AI into its web design platform. Users can now input a text prompt to describe the website they want to build, and Relume’s AI quickly sketches out a sitemap that is editable and can be regenerated with a click. The platform also allows users to preview their website in wireframe mode, with the AI automatically populating the wireframe with components from its library. This feature provides users with a functional website from the start, saving them time and effort.

Meet Relume, the bootstrapped AI web builder that wants to supercharge Figma and Webflow

Training Relume’s AI

Relume trains its web-building AI in-house and utilizes OpenAI’s large language model for prompt interpretation. The text output generated by the AI is converted into a visual wireframe in real time, matching the code of the site. This real-time conversion ensures that designers can see and make adjustments to their website as they refine their ideas.

User Base and Pricing

To date, Relume has amassed approximately 54,000 users, with 10,000 signing up following the launch of the AI features. The platform has maintained a strong retention rate of around 90%. Relume targets individuals, freelancers, and web design agencies, offering them a starting price of $32 per month. This pricing structure allows users to create up to ten websites a month, a significant increase compared to the three websites previously offered.

Meet Relume, the bootstrapped AI web builder that wants to supercharge Figma and Webflow

Empowering Designers, not Replacing Them

Relume’s goal is to empower designers rather than replace them. While the AI handles the heavy lifting, designers still have an essential role in the design process. Approximately 70% of the project is completed by the AI, but designers are responsible for the remaining 30%, such as creating the style guide and making decisions on font, background, color, and images. The fine-tuning and customization occur on platforms like Figma and Webflow, where users can explore editing options that suit their design preferences.

Integration with Figma and Webflow

Relume seamlessly integrates with industry-leading design platforms Figma and Webflow. The platform offers a web plug-in that allows Relume projects to be synced with these tools in a compatible format. This integration ensures that designers can continue working on their projects within familiar environments and take advantage of the editing options provided by Figma and Webflow. Designers can make further adjustments, such as changing the shape and color of buttons, to achieve their desired design.

Meet Relume, the bootstrapped AI web builder that wants to supercharge Figma and Webflow

Differentiation from Competitors

Relume differentiates itself from competitors by building on top of established design systems rather than seeking to replace them. This strategy allows Relume to tap into a mature user base and leverage the existing infrastructure provided by design giants like Webflow. By integrating with these established platforms, Relume can access a larger pool of potential users. However, this approach also carries the risk of losing access to these platforms if the dominant players restrict access. Despite this risk, Relume has received positive feedback and support from Webflow, demonstrating its strategic decision to align with established design systems.

Community and Support

Relume has fostered an active Slack channel with nearly 4,500 members. This community actively engages in discussions about various topics, including job opportunities, project feedback, and tips for running design agencies. The Slack channel serves as a valuable resource for designers using Relume, providing a supportive and collaborative environment.

Meet Relume, the bootstrapped AI web builder that wants to supercharge Figma and Webflow

Future Funding Possibilities

Currently, Relume is focused on building and refining its product. While not actively seeking external funding, the company remains open to potential opportunities in the future. However, any potential funding would need to align strategically with Relume’s goals and understanding of how design platforms work. The company places importance on finding funding partners that can support its vision and contribute to the growth and development of the platform.


Relume, the bootstrapped AI web builder, has successfully integrated generative AI into its web design platform. By leveraging OpenAI’s large language model and incorporating AI-generated sitemaps and wireframes, Relume empowers designers to create functional websites more efficiently. The platform’s seamless integration with Figma and Webflow further enhances the design process, allowing for customization and fine-tuning. Relume’s focus on building a strong community and its strategic approach to partnering with established design systems set it apart from competitors. As Relume continues to grow and refine its product, it remains open to potential external funding opportunities that align with its strategic vision.

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